Heritage Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Momence Heritage Foundation is to provide education to every citizen regarding how the city was formed, who the forefathers were and the contributions they brought to the community, what our government looked like at the beginning and through the ages, as well as the contributions to the community through business, churches, schools, civic and charitable organizations. With this in mind, we keep close contact with genealogy societies, historical societies, local residents with comprehensive knowledge of the past, the Library, the Courthouse and many other organizations in town to acquire and continually update our knowledge base to share with others. In addition, our further mission is to compile the history of Momence buildings, parks, homes and structures of every kind. The culmination of this year-long process is the annual Momence Heritage Days event taking place on the third weekend in June of each year, with the main education festival being on the third Saturday in June annually. Live re-enactments, exhibits, cultural demonstrations, vendors with products from days gone by, street musicians, and other musical acts are all encouraged as part of this historic weekend. To ensure this can be experienced by every citizen and visitor, it is the goal of the Momence Heritage Foundation to provide every single event, demonstration, re-enactment, street music, etc. free of charge to everyone who attends.

Foundation Documents

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