Theatiki Fife & Drum Corps

Perpetuating 18th Century Music

Theatiki Fife & Drum Corps on Island PArk Walkbridge

Music of the 18th Century

From Bourbonnais, Illinois, the Theatiki Fife & Drum Corps is dedicated to the preservation of the music of the 18th century. Formed in 2001 to commemorate the early French influence along the Theatiki (Kankakee) River, they celebrate our French and American history through the performance of ancient folk and martial music. Although they do not portray any particular documented military affiliation, their authentic 18th century attire and instruments add both visual and musical appeal to their performances. Using authentic wooden fifes and wooden rope tension drums, their music dates back to the French and Indian War through the American Revolution. They also play original compositions in the ancient style. The Fife and Drum Corps provides escort to civic organizations & municipal dignitaries, performs flag raising ceremonies, parades, memorial services, school programs, and historical reenactments. The Corps will perform in conjunction with the raising of an 1869 flag at the Graham Historic House at 117 N. Dixie Highway at 1:00 pm, then parade down Washington Street, cross the Island Park Foot Bridge, and perform on Island Park at 2:00 pm.